Reproducing Scientific Findings – a Corner Stone in Clinical Research

The aim of clinical research is to advance healthcare by new knowledge. This knowledge must, of course, be relevant for those it concerns, which is primarily patients and their providers. Unfortunately most clinical research is useless, mainly due to poor method/design and not focusing on clinical relevance. The ability to reproduce findings is a cornerstone in clinical research – or rather it should be. By reproducing the findings from other researchers, the results and conclusions are much stronger.

There is not much focus on studies reproducing others results, neither in funding nor in publication. Studies reproducing other researchers findings is a good way to identify clinical relevant information, whether they are not able to reproduce the previously published results or they find the same. In both cases we get clinical relevant information – provided the researchers have used a relevant method and design of the study, and that the results are relevant.

Here is a short TEDMED presentation from November 2015 about this important issue