About Us

At Zignifica we want to deliver Precision-Evidence™ related to individual patients, treatments, and diseases. We are passionate about finding the most trustworthy information presented in medical papers, and make this information available for those who need it most, namely patients, their relatives, and healthcare professionals. This is much needed, as it is estimated, that approximately 85% of presented medical papers are not trustworthy.

We want to help patients, and healthcare professionals to effortless distinguish between trustworthy and not trustworthy information. That is why we are developing a software system and method, Zignifica, to interpret evidence-based medicine.

The clinical usefulness of findings from medical science presented in scientific medical journals depends on the quality of the study, and thereby by both the method and design of the study and the findings.Presented results in medical journals are impossible to interpret and understand for untrained persons, and it is difficult and time-consuming for physicians and other healthcare professionals to distinguish clinical useful and not-useful information in the plethora of medical information.

Zignifica is being developed to provide a solution to this problem, by a thorough analysis of information and data presented in medical papers. Zignifica is making an evaluation of the individual paper based on both the used method and design of studies as well as the presented results. The Zignifica interpretation is available for both healthcare professionals and persons with no medical education.



We have developed a Zignifica Prototype, an app which will allow us to test the basic idea and performance of the system and method with a small group of physicians and patients. If you want to be part of the test team, please click here

Next, we plan to enhance the Zignifica solution using text mining and artificial intelligence.


Kim Kristiansen, M.D., Zignifica, CEO,Precision Evidence, TEDMEDKim Kristiansen, M.D.

CEO and Co-Founder


Kim Kristiansen is a MEDICAL DOCTOR graduated from Aarhus University in Denmark and specialized in Family Medicine. Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in London. He is the inventor of DoloTest®, a scientifically validated pain- and Quality of Life assessment tool. www.dolotest.com

Appointed TEDMED Research Scholar 2017

Besides being peer reviewer at multiple medical, scientific papers, Kim Kristiansen blogs at Zignifica.com. He has made contributions among others to www.kevinMD.com, www.doc2doc.com, www.paintoolkit.co.uk,

Kim Kristiansen is also pain and research specialist at vidoyen.com

Kim Kristiansen has done research in the field of pain management and is a speaker at scientific meetings and conferences.

In his spare time, Kim is a passionate runner.




JG Staal, Zignifica, COO, Precision evidenceJG Staal

COO and Co-Founder


JG Staal is a change agent who is passionate about solving business problems through software and data-driven solutions. He started his career in the Netherlands before moving with his wife and 2 daughters to the USA in 2001 to help expand an international software development company.


For more than 24 years, JG delivers and manages programs and hosted solutions for many Fortune 100/500 businesses in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Australia. His experience covers many industries but with a strong emphasis on the healthcare, telecom and banking.

He previously co-founded Tahzoo, a digital agency, and continues to support and provide guidance to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

JG uses his time and skills to give back to the local community and is amongst others still active in the non-profit organization Wake On Water (wakeonwater.org) which he co-founded in 2013.