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A real democratization of healthcare must include how to use research data by a supported understanding of findings from clinical trials. Democratization in healthcare is more than just a buzz word; it is important and is coming to live right now. Digital technology increases access to healthcare and at the same time support self-care. Patients…

Evaluating the results and their background in medical scientific papers and abstracts is complicated and time-consuming for healthcare providers, and more or less impossible without a medical education. Therefore press releases, personal pitches, headlines, and abstracts become a primary source for the news. However, is this trustworthy?   (more…)

“It is scientifically proven” – “It is significant” – “The paper was in a high ranking Medical Journal” Arguments for trustworthiness and credibility of medical information are many, and often involves the words “scientific” or “significant” – best of all both. Unfortunately, does neither being “scientific” nor being “significant” equals being meaningful for patients and…

The p-value is a mathematical method for analyzing data. Unfortunately, it is often both misunderstood, misused, and miscommunicated in medical research. It’s emerging use is challenged by American Statistical Association (ASA) followed by a paper and an editorial in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). And this is good news. (more…)