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    No not really!   A group of researchers have suggested lowering the p-value accepted for statistical significance from today’s most used 0.05 to 0.005.   While this may reduce some problems in clinical research it will give rise to some new.   And it is not at all where we should focus! (more…)

A real democratization of healthcare must include how to use research data by a supported understanding of findings from clinical trials. Democratization in healthcare is more than just a buzz word; it is important and is coming to live right now. Digital technology increases access to healthcare and at the same time support self-care. Patients…

Evaluating the results and their background in medical scientific papers and abstracts is complicated and time-consuming for healthcare providers, and more or less impossible without a medical education. Therefore press releases, personal pitches, headlines, and abstracts become a primary source for the news. However, is this trustworthy?   (more…)

“It is scientifically proven” – “It is significant” – “The paper was in a high ranking Medical Journal” Arguments for trustworthiness and credibility of medical information are many, and often involves the words “scientific” or “significant” – best of all both. Unfortunately, does neither being “scientific” nor being “significant” equals being meaningful for patients and…

The p-value is a mathematical method for analyzing data. Unfortunately, it is often both misunderstood, misused, and miscommunicated in medical research. It’s emerging use is challenged by American Statistical Association (ASA) followed by a paper and an editorial in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). And this is good news. (more…)