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The aim of clinical research is to advance healthcare by new knowledge. This knowledge must, of course, be relevant for those it concerns, which is primarily patients and their providers. Unfortunately most clinical research is useless, mainly due to poor method/design and not focusing on clinical relevance. The ability to reproduce findings is a cornerstone…

The findings from clinical research can be difficult to translate into everyday care. The Number Needed to Treat (NNT) provides an easy to understand alternative for evaluating the relevance of findings. Here is a very easy way to find NNT from a study (more…)

  Getting yellow fingernails from holding many cigarettes is not uncommon. However, I guess that few people would intuitively buy the argument that yellow nails can cause lung cancer. But if asked if cell phones can cause cancer, then it is not all that intuitively clear. Or how about coffee. A Google search of “coffee…